Jan 27, 2021

Plunderlings Goblin Figures

It took about a year longer than expected but I finally got my Plunderlings figures!

The Kickstarter originally launched in August 2019. The figures looked great and were overflowing with character. The hard part wasn't deciding whether or not to back it but keeping myself in check and only going in for two figures. I looked back at the page for this post and found myself saying "Why didn't I pick that one?" a whole lot! You can see the page and all the figures on Kickstarter.

 So let's start at the beginning and get my least favorite thing out of the way.

The packaging is very cute. It comes with cardboard ears that you can slot into the sides to make a fun Plunderling head. However, the box is terrible at showing you what's inside of it. It's not a huge deal because, trust me, if you have any of these guys you're going to want to have them out of the box!

So who did I eventually decide on? 
First we have Captain Ash. Every pirate crew needs a captain, right?

Like I said, these goblins are brimming with personality in addition to articulation! Each figure comes with two pairs of hands (relaxed and gripping), at least one weapon (you can't plunder without weapons!), headgear, and three heads. Keep a lookout for changes in the expression as we go. 

They're so well articulated, you can get them to balance in some weird poses without assistance. The spyglass is another accessory that came with him.

He also comes with a sizable sword to keep the crew in line. There's also an itty bitty hook which I think plugs into the itty bitty hole in his back to sling the sword. His left hand here was a paired add-on called "walloping hands". The hat has a magnet inside to help keep it on which is a cool idea.

 Next we have Nomad Goyle. I picked this one because I thought he looked like a thief. I tend to lean toward roguish characters in RPGs so I couldn't pass him up. The cape and hood are removable and that's one of the things I really love about this line is all the accessories!

 He's got a pair of daggers, again very rogue. You can a see little better here all the freakin articulation they pack into these guys.

 Just how big are they? Marvel Legends Magik stopped by to help out with that. Sure they're goblins but they could easily be imps from Heck she summoned forth.

 In retrospect, I probably should have used one of the toothier expression heads for this one. 

Since I had Magik and her accessories out, I turned Goyle into wizard with a little friend.

Lone Coconut is still getting Kickstarter orders out before figuring out their next steps. Big Bad Toy Store had the figures but they're sold out! You can head over to the Plunderlings site and get on the mailing list to stay updated. They have a store there but nothing is available at the moment. 

I'm looking forward to when they get things stocked. They have a couple of accessory packs with extra weapons and headgear that look fun. They also have hatchling bodies which are slightly smaller and not articulated. They are head- and handless so you can use your extra ones from the figures on these stock bodies to make more characters.


  1. Argggggggggggggggggh! I was so tempted to get into this and didn't. They look like so much fun. Hope they sell them via retail in the future.

    1. I know they want to but are still getting the Kickstarter folks squared away before taking stock of what's left over and making new plans.