Jan 19, 2021

Disney's Haunted Mansion Attic Diorama

 I didn't want to do another Haunted Mansion post and start it off with "Welcome, Foolish Mortals!" but what are you going to do? That's like THE thing.

I got this diorama set for Christmas and couldn't wait until October to post it! (Only 285 days til Halloween!) This is one of two sets that are available in parks or on ShopDisney, when they're in stock. The other one is of Madame Leota's seance room and it looks pretty sweet.

Inside the box is a floor, three walls, some connectors to hold them together, the bride, and a whole lot of attic stuff.

I mean, this isn't even everything! I love the chaise lounge with the tiger pelt draped over it. It's hard to see in the pics, but the wedding cake topper has a headless groom. And yes, there's an axe on the table with the tea setting. It wold have been cool if they had a hole in the bride's hands so she could hold it.

There isn't an "official" story of the Haunted Mansion but if you see the attic bride on the ride, she's surrounded by reminders of her previous husbands and they definitely "lost their heads" over her. You can see some of that on the walls, there are portraits of her with different men.

The left wall has a banner that's dated 1872 and says Love Forever, Frank and Constance. The room is more narrow at the back and widens as it gets toward you which angles out the side walls so you can see them without having to stick your head in there to peek at them.
Adding a little blue light for a ghostly effect.

I really like the way this one came out. If I was more skilled with Photoshop, I could have done a transparency thing to make her a little see through.

This is a really cool set and hopefully ShopDisney will get the other one back in stock so I can get that one too.

I did this one for scale so you can get an idea of the size. I don't have any "spooky" 3.75" figures but I think the scale is close enough.

LEGO on the left, Playmobil on the right.


  1. That is really, really cool! So there are two sets so far? It's be really cool to find one of the older Playmobil Victorian dollhouses and start using these pieces and backdrops in there to make a miniature Haunted Mansion.

    1. I've seen people online do some wild makeovers turning old dollhouses into haunted houses.

  2. This is awesome. Will have to check it out.