May 24, 2023

Doctor Strange Portal - LEGO 30652

 I hit the toy aisle at Target about once a week, sometimes there's new stock but it's not what I'm looking for. Shockingly, my local Target got in zero Guardians Legends figures, like there isn't even a hint that they got anything. But, I did have a little squee moment when I spotted this on an endcap.

Dr. Strange is one of my all time favorite comic characters and while I do have the set from his first movie, I couldn't pass up this little set to have another LEGO Strange that I can keep on my desk.

Strange has had a few appearances since that first movie and this costume is more in line with his most recent look. Unlike that original figure, this one has a molded cape instead of fabric and I love it! I"m not a big fan of the thin fabric capes that go over the neck pin. I can never get them to sit right. He also has an alternate "game face" on the back of his head.

The base has what I'm guessing to be a potion of some kind in front of some other block thing. Maybe it's supposed to be a little chest to keep your magic doodads in? The portal is pretty cool the way they put it together and based on the bag art, that's supposed to be a skyline inside it.

Realities collide!

Being too lazy to do any sort of photo editing/trickery after the fact, I just positioned this as best I could to hide what you wouldn't be able to see if you were looking through.

When you start messing with interdimensional portals, you never know who might show up! This is a custom Lord of Halloween that I got awhile back.


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    1. I really like thes baggie sets because you can usually get minifigs that you normally have to buy a whole set to get.