Jul 22, 2013

Mailbox Invaders - Custom LEGO Halloween Scene

So I happened to be browsing Ebay a few weeks ago, as I'm wont to do, when I decided to look for LEGO Halloween stuff. If you've been around these parts for a bit, you know my LEGO minifig focus has mainly been contained to the monsterous/Halloween-ish ones. I found all sorts of interesting things from custom zombies to a Headless Horseman for sale. 
I will have a LEGO Horseman one day if I have to custom one up myself!

But what really caught my attention were a few auctions from seller jzieglemeier10. She puts together custom Halloween scenes and displays. One of the things I really like about what she's doing is that she isn't just doing the same sets over and over. It seems like each one is a little bit different even if it may be a similar idea behind the sets.

custom LEGO Halloween scene witch pumpkin bat skeleton spider

There were a few different sets but this is the one I decided to go for. There were no bids and only a few hours left. I don't have a skeleton in my monstorium yet and the witch is different from the one that was released in the blind bag minifig series. The starting price was about $10 which is really good just for 3 minifigs, never mind the scenery, spiders and pumpkins. But the whole reason I wanted this set is that guy right in the middle. 

LEGO pumpkin head minifig Halloween pumpkin spider

I don't know why, but I have an affinity for pumpkin-headed people. Maybe it's loosely related to my love of the Headless Horseman, although I'm pretty sure Disney were the ones that gave him a flaming gourd for his noggin instead of the tale's original severed head. Anyway, he's ready to MC the festivities with his dapper top hat, suit jacket and bat staff.

I won't get into the boring details but I had a problem with the PO getting this to me. It was scanned in as "delivered" but I didn't receive it until a week later and the bubble mailer had been opened! Luckily, the seller packed it all well so nothing was missing. I opened a case on Ebay to let the seller know, called the PO, yadda yadda yadda. The seller was great and very responsive, which is why I'm mentioning her by name: jzieglemeier10.

I'd probably mention her anyway so other people can find some cool little Halloween LEGO that you can't get in the store but I had a very good experience with her during my situation and that's worth all the free publicity I can give! She's been collecting LEGO and Halloween related things for a number of years and decided to try her hand at putting them together. Also check out her Facebook page called Creative Primworks where she shows off her mostly Halloween handcrafted works.

Just 101 days til Halloween!


  1. Just wonderful! I really like it Dex. : )

    1. I might end up getting a few more sets from her so my other monsters can have a place to hang out.

  2. Ever since I saw Halloween 3 at a very young age, I've been creeped out by pumpkin headed people.

    That is a pretty cool scene, and it sounds like you got it for a steal. I think she'll see a lot more business after your post.

    1. Yikes, Halloween 3 is not a movie I'd want to see at a young age. It's freaky enough when you're old enough to understand it!