Jan 25, 2023

Sean Äaberg's Halloween Book

Back in October of 2021 (has it been that long?!) I backed this project on Kickstarter. If you've been hanging around here any length of time, you know I LOVE Halloween. So this was a no-brainer!

Just looking at the art on the Kickstarter page was enough to sell me on this.

But, of course, it's more than just the art, it's also a sort of a mini-treatise on celebrating Halloween.

There's plenty of fun stuff to be talked about. Sure there's the stuff you'd expect but he also talks about death as part of respecting the holiday as well as anti-Halloween weirdoes.

Äaberg has specific thoughts around the holiday and ways that he'd like to see it honored. One thing that intrigued me is his thoughts on costumes. He says on Halloween, you should leave your cowboys, princess, etc for other times of the year and fully embrace the holiday by dressing up as something dark and creepy. While I'm all for that and would love to see it fully realized on the big night, for me part of the magic of Halloween is having all the different costumes out and about. I'm all set with the "Sexy ____" costumes though....

The artwork, as you can see, is crazy and amazing. The book is printed in three colors really leaning into the Halloween vibe even more. If you're a Halloween fan, I highly recommend the book...assuming you can find it somewhere. It's a lot of fun and might also get you to look at Halloween in a different light.

In addition to the book, there were lots of cool add-ons you could get. I opted for the Halloweeners miniature figures.

They were offered in green, orange, and purple. I just felt green was the right way to go and I think the details come through better too.

Allow me to introduce Alley Cat, Wicked Witch, and Punkin' Head! They're about 2" tall. Punkin Head leans forward a bit so he can be hard to stand but maybe that can be fixed with a little heat. I love the packaging on these because the blister card with foam insert reminds me of buying D&D miniatures back in the day.


  1. You’re definitely dark n creepy 😳

  2. Cool. I need to get one of these when he puts them on his site.