Jun 22, 2022

Funko Soda - Doctor Strange & Gomez Addams

Up until this weekend, I had only owned a single Funko Soda...figure? Piece? Not sure what you'd actually call these. It says collectible on the can but that doesn't sound fun. Anyway! I decided to pick up Strange this past weekend and just couldn't let him leave the store alone.

One of the reasons I don't have many Soda figures is that they're not as ubiquitous as the Pops. You can find Pops almost anywhere and I've only ever found the Soda in one store, Newbury Comics. This is a New England chain of stores that started out selling comics (surprise!) and music. Now they carry all sorts of pop culture stuff. Think Hot Topic without the goth.

Just in case you're not familiar with the Soda line, each can includes a figure and a pog-like token. The token heads side has the character and the tails side shows which version you have. Each figure has a normal version and a chase version. The cans have the edition run on them. There's "only" 15,000 Strange figures and of those, 2,500 are the chase version which is a semi-translucent blue astral form. 

Some chase figures are the same figure but colored differently or glow in the dark. Others might be holding something or even a different version of the character.

You can't really tell, but this is a color photo! I probably should have used a color background to show off the figure being grayscale but I thought this was more fitting. The chase version of Gomez has him with Thing which is really cool!

While I've got more than a few Pops, I really like the Soda figures because they have a bit more leeway to add character to them since they're not confined to the generic Pop body type.

After putting these two together I started having all kinds of thoughts about a crossover. Somehow Strange ends up in the Addams universe but because it's a sitcom world, he can only do Bewitched level of magic. Hilarity ensues! Strange has seen a lot of weird stuff in his day, I'm betting the Addams Family would seem pretty normal to him!


  1. These cans/figures are a lot of fun. I have the Bob Ross one at work. People keep asking me if there was actually a Bob Ross soda.

    1. It's definitely a different idea for the packaging! I saw a Scooby Doo 6-pack up for order that comes in a "cooler" in Mystery Machine colors.