Jun 15, 2022

Fundraiser for the Kids

 I'm not selling cookies or candy bars for a school trip, I'm playing video games to help kids fight cancer!

In what will likely be one of the easiest challenges in my life, I'm pledging to play at least one hour of games per week to raise money for St Jude Childrens' Research Hospital. Now, it can be any type of game: video, board, card, heck even hopscotch would do but I'm sticking with video games.

I will not be live streaming. I don't have the gear for it. Also I don't think I'd be a very entertaining personality to watch play games.

The official "challenge" starts today and if you can spare anything, please head over to my fundraiser page on Facebook and help the kids. Remember in grade school when you did a walk- or read-a-thon an people pledged by how many miles/books you finished? Well, this is a flat donation which is good for you because if you had to pledge by the number of hours I log, you'd probably be broke at the end of it!

Like a telethon, I've got gifts if you pledge a certain amount. This is my way of saying thanks by giving you something extra, and not connected to the fundraiser.

For every $10, I'll send you a Steam code for your choice of a game. 
You read that right, every $10 gets you one game! I have a list of codes so your choice will be limited to what I have available. Message me through Facebook or drop a comment below and we'll work it out.

For $25 you can add these merry mutants to your SuperHero Squad collection.

 If you pledge $50 or more, I will put together an early Trick or Treat package for you.
I only have enough things to make one box so there's only one available.

Whether you do it for the freebies or not, I appreciate any donations.

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