May 19, 2021

Star Wars Poster Magazines

Jumping back even further this week to the original Star Wars era when every tidbit was a new piece of the ever expanding galaxy far, far away.

There are download links below each image but if you're not the download type, you can find the poster books, except for the Return of the Jedi 1 & 4 among my Star Wars gallery on Flickr. Even though these are poster magazines, most of these scan are just the articles with no posters.

I should also add that these are not my scans, just things I happened upon while travelling through cyberspace and squirreled away like a Jawa with droid parts.

Star Wars UK Poster Magazine #3 (1978) 1

 This UK magazine has a great Vader poster using an image I had never seen anywhere else. If you're a long time fan, you're used to seeing the same promo shots over and over. Not this one! It still amazes me after all this time that there can still be something "new" to find.

Here's a four pack of magazines from Empire. We take all of Star Wars for granted now, especially if you weren't around when these were released. Things like these poster magazines and the backs of trading cards were a gold mine for new trivia.

The Return of the Jedi pack also has four magazines. Issues 1 and 4 were taken from For some strange reason, one of the pages in each looks like it was photographed (making it almost impossible to read) instead of scanned.
Be sure to tune in next week on the "real" Star Wars Day, May 25th for a special surprise!