Feb 17, 2021

Tron Legacy Boots into Fortnite

It seems like the folks at Epic Games are out to get me. Get me to play Fortnite that is. I had somehow held back when previous Star Wars and Marvel events invaded the game. This past December, they brought in the Mandalorian (and Grogu!) so I decided to finally check it out. I've been enjoying the game a lot. I'm not great at it by any means (building still confuses me) but I'm okay.

Even with the Predator, Sarah Connor, and T-800 Terminator recently released, I thought the Mandalorian would be the end all of collaborations. Then they go and drop this on me last week.

Yes, Star Wars and Marvel are Disney properties so there's precedent for their IP in the game but Tron? I've always felt (still feel) Disney doesn't know what to do with Tron as a property. They were on the right track with the Uprising animated series until they started bouncing its time slot and ultimately ended it on a Grid sized cliffhanger. I'm glad to see it getting some love so maybe this is the first step in them actually doing something with it.

Let's take a look at what's in the game.

Each body type has 5 different variations and includes a disc harvesting tool. It even makes some cool digital swishy noises when you swing it. And when you equip a weapon, the disc becomes back bling.

The guys all got pretty cool names but I think they could have done better with the ladies. For the record, I went with Cypher here and Io. Every outfit has a secondary style with them wearing a helmet.

The ladies may not have gotten the best names, but they definitely got the better helmets! I can't fault them for sticking with what was in the movie.
In addition to the different avatars, they also put in a lightcycle glider (Sold separately). Sure, you ride it like a surf board but it's still very cool.

Here's a vid of someone playing around with it. They could have just had it appear but took the time to make it actually rez into existence.

Overall, they did a great job with this set. It would have been amazing if they could have the suits so that you could change the light color but I'm still very happy with these. Now if they could just do some "classic" Tron suits... 

Feel free to shoot me a friend request in game (DEX-1138). I'm not on a lot except for weekend mornings but maybe we can team up for some fun.


  1. Would be awesome if Jazwares made some TRON Fortnite figures.

    1. That would be awesome but I have a feeling there'd be some serious $$$ involved to license it from Disney.