Aug 12, 2020

Creeping Flesh Series 2 Trading Cards by Dan Brereton

In the "before times" of 2017, I backed a Kickstarter for a set of trading cards based on the art of Dan Brereton. You can see that post here. They recently did a second series based on his amazing comic series The Nocturnals and I wanted to show off some of those goodies.

Nocturnals trading cards by Dan Brereton
Image from Kickstarter

Last time, I just got the cards and kind of regretted not opting for something with an autograph. This go round, I splurged a little more since it was the second series and I love the Nocturnals! 

Nocturnals trading cards binder

As this was the second series of cards, I figured why not get a binder to hold them?

Nocturnals trading cards tryptech

Included with the binder, is this tryptech card set. 
It's three cards that connect to make a big scene. 
Each one is autographed on the back too!

Nocturnals trading cards box & pack

Just like the first series, this one comes in it's own shelf display box sized for a single pack and wax wrapper. Also again, no bubble gum included.

Nocturnals trading cards bonus

These are the bonus and promo cards. Starting in the top left is a foil logo card announcing the set. Top right is a "bubblegum card" which is a lot more pink than it looks here. Bottom left is an autographed rainbow foil. And bottom right is a Kickstarter exclusive promo.

Nocturnals trading cards

And finally, a few of the cards from the main set. There are 18 total. They're glossy on the front and have that nostalgic cardboard back featuring info on the character or scene.

If you're not familiar with The Nocturnals, I'm sure just seeing the art on these cards will let you know why I love hem so much! The original comics aren't easy to find for sale online but if you're in need of something to put you in that Halloween spirit, they're worth tracking down. Try your local comic shop, they can probably use the business!

Dan Brereton has another Kickstarter going for a new art book and portfolio.
You can check that out by clicking the image below.