Nov 6, 2019

Salem Halloween Videos

Okay, Halloween fiends, this is it.
Now that we've all done our post holiday discount shopping for next year, here's a final farewell to the season in the form of some YouTube videos.

This one is the annual Haunted Happenings parade filmed by the Salem local access cable channel. If you're someone that misses the early days of cable and local access channel charm, this should be right up your alley.

This video is from YouTuber Derek Millen and gives you an idea of the party atmosphere around town on Halloween. The gentleman in the thumbnail is Brandon the Shapeshifter on Instagram. He's from the area and I've run into him at a few comic conventions as well as around Salem this time of year. If you like rad costumes, follow his Insta.

The final video from World of Micah features a good four minutes inside the Salem Halloween Museum. It's not much, but it's definitely worth the $10 admission to see some of the classic Halloween stuff they have on display.


  1. How cool! I watched the two last videos you shared, and I noticed a few of the same characters you'd photographed. It appears that you aren't the only one who has run into Derek. Judging by that video, he seems to be known around town!

    That green witch that's on the still image of the last video was genuinely creepy to me. Just their behavior and voice. I am yet to watch the first video, because I saw it was longer than the other two, but I'll get there. The streets looked a little emptier than I'd seen them in your past pictures. I'm thinking the weather scared people off, especially those who would have traveled a distance.

    1. The green witch, Borah, is pretty famous around town. I've seen her pop up in other videos at various horror conventions.

      It was a bit drizzly the night of the parade which is why I don't think it had quite the turn out this year. Even I left early because it was rainy and chilly. Okay it wasn't that chilly but I didn't bring a proper coat for the weather!

      Honestly, I wouldn't advise watching it start to finish unless you're into parades or maybe put it on in the background.