Nov 3, 2019

Salem Halloween 2019

Apologies to any long time readers that were expecting my usual November 1st post. This October was a bit of an odd one for the books. I'm going to go on about it between the pics from Halloween night which are thanks to Mrs Dex.


While I did visit the Salem Witch Board Museum and see Ouijazilla, I didn't have a chance last month to do my usual walk around Salem and visit the street fair.

Papa Emeritus

I got to see the band Ghost for what will be the first of many times. If you look in the center of the above pic, you can see someone dressed as Papa Emeritus.

Addams Family

The day of Halloween itself was a bit stressful for me. The forecast called for high winds and possible showers. Some local communities even postponed trick or treating until Saturday the 2nd due to the expected weather. It's a terrible feeling when you've been gearing up all month for a four hour sliver of one night only to have it possibly ruined by rain and have to wait an entire year.

How cool is this Alien?
Luckily, the Great Pumpkin heard my entreaties and the rain didn't start until the end of the night! Did I mention it was also in the high 60s? I know some of you out there got a taste of snow. That's not so uncommon in New England this time of year either.
You just never know.

We had almost 40 trick or treaters show up before heading to Salem. I know that's not a lot but I think it's a few more than we've had in recent years. It'd be shame for the treat bags I made up to not find kids to go home with!

Wayne & Garth
Party on!
It was a bit warm in costume but once I found a place to haunt instead of walking around, it was comfortable. The place where I stand has a lot of foot traffic and there is a bright flood light people have to walk by so I take advantage of the transition from bright to dark. Sometimes people don't even see me until they almost bump into me and look up from their phone.

Salem Creep 3
I had a couple of great interactions with little kids. I really like those rare moments when the kids are just curious and have zero fear. Sometimes I feel like a character at a Disney park because people are coming up to take photos with me. At the end of it all, it was a pretty great night!


I didn't see these guys dressed as mannequins but it's a great idea for a group costume.

Salem Creep

For another year, the Salem Creep returns to wherever it is he goes to wait for Halloween. He's got his own Instgram account now too! There are a few more pics on Flickr if you want to see more from Salem.


  1. Replies
    1. It's pretty rad. I'm glad we got a pic of it so I could see it better.

  2. The Creep is looking good and spooky! I'm so glad the rain waited until you were done being out and about. I see that people really went all out with their costumes! That Alien costume is incredibly cool with those lights added. And how fun to see an entire group dressed as the Addams Family. 40 trick-or-treaters is pretty impressive, considering that they all showed up before you left! Do you answer the door to hand out treats in the form of the Salem Creep? I imagine it would be hard to hand out treats with those costume hands, but I bet it would surprise the kids!

    1. The most I dress up for trick or treaters is just the robe and hooded cloak, no hands or creepy face.

  3. Love the Alien costume. Wayne and Garth too!