Dec 18, 2018

BattleTribes King Kringle Figure

Spy Monkey Creations recently dropped their latest wave of BattleTribes figures. I'm usually good for at least one to add some variety to my collection and they did not disappoint with a holiday themed King Kringle.

Let's have a look at what's in Kringle's sack of goodies. In addition to what you see below, he actually does come with a red draw string bag, which I forgot to include.

You get a total of 4 different heads, 4 weapons, a belt, and a shell/shield. A lot (all?) of this stuff is new to this wave which is what keeps me getting new figures when they're released.

Figures can hold the shell as a shield or, with a simple peg swap, it becomes a shell that attaches to their back. I think it's much cooler this way!

This guy kind of has a goblin look to him. The non-human heads look weird on this body to me because the shorts are the same color as the body. I mean, obviously his skin is red but did he just happen to pick up a pair of shorts that match his skin color?

When the skin color doesn't match the outfit, it's easier for my brain to think the red is all clothing. I imagine this is the Viking legend version of Santa.

When I put Kringle along side my other figures, one of them happened to be sporting a demon head which led me to this.



Spy Monkey still has King Kringle in stock if you want to pick him up.


  1. That Krampus figure is pretty damn cool!

    1. He's technically not Krampus but he makes a good stand in!

  2. This style of figure has caught fire among collectors.Its like MOTU/Remco madness!Great figures ,though.

    1. Yeah it is and one the best things about them is the interchangeable parts.