Nov 1, 2018

Salem Halloween 2018

I hop everyone out there had a fun and safe Halloween. I know I did!
We had about 40 kids this year which might not sound like a lot but we wrap things up around 6:30 to head into Salem so not bad for about 90 minutes.

The Salem Creep (me) is on the prowl again!

I wanted to spotlight a few choice photos before the gallery slideshow.

Every weekend in October, there is a street fair in downtown Salem where people sell all sorts of crafts, art, and yummy snacks. Below is about one quarter of the fair's length.

This was a couple weekends ago and there are plenty of people out and about! Each of the tents you see is a different vendor.

A sampling of the fun things you can find: talented balloon artists and custom creepy dolls.

And it just wouldn't be October in Salem without "Jesus Guy." This guy has been around for what seems like forever, popping up at events like Pride Day in Boston and pretty much any Salem weekend in October.

Since we're all going to Hell anyway, let's jump ahead to Halloween night.

I don't know how this guy transports his costume but it's damn impressive! In case you don't recognize him, he's the Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This little kid was a trip! He had no fear to speak of and even came up to me to shake hands and give me a hug! There was another group of little kids that were intrigued by me as well. One little girl kept asking if I was real despite the fact that I was standing there and interacting with them.

A couple of great classic TV costumers.

Sorry pal, all out of power pellets.

Some people say Salem is a circus in October. This year the circus came to town.

And we'll wrap up this Halloween season the same way it started, with Jack!

Here's an album with the rest of my Salem photos. Shout out to Mrs Dex and my parents for the night photos as I can't take any in costume.

2018.10 - Salem Halloween


  1. I've been looking forward to this blog post, and it did not disappoint! Everyone went all out! You looked great and spooky. I know what you mean about people asking if you're real. I had a few parents ask me if I was a prop while I was smiling and handing candy to their kids, so... Who knows. :)

    I wouldn't have known that was Vulture. I actually thought it was Mothman! The Fester and Cousin Itt costumes were very well done. And how fun is that circus! I get a kick out of group costumes. I saw a group on adults dressed as the characters from the Wizard of Oz last night. The only kid with them was dressed as Dorothy. It was pretty cute.

    Glad to see you had a fun Halloween! :)

    1. It definitely didn't feel as packed as previous years but I'm thinking that it being in the middle of the week had something to do with that. Still a decent turnout.