Nov 14, 2018

Now Hear This - Burning Witches

Hey kids, do you like the heavy metal?

If you're old like me, you'll remember going into record stores and flipping through albums to find something new to listen to. There was no previewing the tracks for 30 seconds so it was sort of a gamble to pick up something by an artist you'd never heard of. Usually the deciding factor was the album cover itself. There have been many times I found a new favorite band based on the album art.

I hadn't heard of Burning Witches until this week when I saw them on a new release list.

Now, I'd be lying if I said the cover alone gave me the impulse to buy the album. But it did intrigue me enough to check out a video. Within the first minute or so I was hooked and checked out the track list. Seeing song titles like 'Dungeon of Infamy" and "Maiden of Steel" pretty much convinced me this would be worth it and I pulled the trigger.

Burning Witches are an all female metal band hailing from Switzerland. Their latest, Hexenhammer, is their second album released since the band was formed in 2015. I've only previewed tracks from the first album and what I heard didn't quite grab me the way this album did. I'm sure I'll end up getting it because I am so into Hexenhammer right now.

If you're into 80s metal like, give 'em a listen below.
At the very least, check out their cover of Dio's Holy Diver at the end of the album.

If this gets you banging your head, pick up the album on Amazon.


  1. digging it! I have the video playing while I read the post. Nice clean heavy sound.

    1. It's good stuff! It's not a usual thing for me to buy an entire album based on one song but they sold me.