Jul 18, 2018

Ready 2 Robot

Leeeeeet's get reeeeaaady to rooooobot!

Ready 2 Robot is the latest blind toy series from MGA featuring over 25 different robots all with interchangeable parts. MGA also makes the Awesome Little Green Men I looked at back in January.

 Let me tell you, I haven't had so much fun just getting and opening a toy! I wish I had the patience to make a video because words and pics just don't do the experience justice. There are a few YouTube videos if you'd rather watch instead of read. I happened across these at Target recently and had to Google them to find out what they were. The store display is fantastic and caught my attention.

It's sort of like a gashapon, or capsule toy, dispenser. The whole thing is gravity fed. You pull one of the yellow tabs and it pops out a capsule like in the first photo. Since these are all blind packed, you don't know what you're going to get. And of course, being blind packed, there is an ultra-rare chase robot that lights up.

Each capsule contains robot parts (torso, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 weapons) and a pilot. Once you remove the outer wrapper, this is what you get. LEGO spaceman for scale.

If you look at the front right of the capsule, you'll see each segment is numbered 01-04. That's the order you open them in. Each section has a few bagged pieces that you assemble into your robot. After you've taken everything out, you can flip the 01 section to use it as a display stand. There are little tabs built in so you can interlock multiple bases.

The robot is very easy to put together. The torso has multiple socket holes where you can connect any piece with it's little ball joint. Want to swap the arms and legs? I'm not going to stop you, it's your robot.

Here is the pilot that comes in its own little slime pod.

The slime is great! It's all gooey like slime should be but it's not very wet. I was able to extract the pilot pretty easily and peel the slime off. It didn't leave any kind of residue on the figure. The slime will also basically disintegrate if dropped in really hot water.

Here's the robot, Kill Switch, all assembled. For the record, the pilot's name is Clubb. The black band over his head is actually headphones, not a helmet.

You can see the pilot is not very big in relation to the LEGO minifig but has a pretty good amount of detail for being so tiny. There are little pegs in the cockpit that go into holes in the pilot's feet to keep them "seated." It's hard to tell in the photo but the bot body is black metalflake meaning it's got shiny bits in it sort of like car paint.

In addition to the holes for the arms, legs, and weapons, the back has four more holes for attaching things. All the robot parts are interchangeable so you can get crazy with it if you get multiple robots, or accessory packs!

Here's the other one I picked up. (You can't just pick up one of a new toy line, they need buddies!) This is Lowlife with pilot Bootlick. At first I thought he was a crazy baby. The nose ring looks like a pacifier from far away! The bot should have another missile launcher but I don't know if I accidentally threw it out or if it wasn't there to begin with.

The Bot Brawler capsules retail for around $10. It's a little pricey for a blind packed toy but I think there are enough in the series that you shouldn't get a duplicate too soon. I haven't found anything other than these capsules but there is more to the line.

Survivor Battle Packs come with 2 bots (one you can see, one hidden) and a weapon accessory that actually shoots something. Bot Blaster Packs have a hidden bot and a visible minibot that shoots something. And there's also a Pilots Pack which has 4 slime capsules, each with a pilot.

You can hit the Ready 2 Robot site and see some animated webisodes, get more info on the bots and pilots, and view the checklist that comes in each package.

I really like these toys! There's quite a variety to the types of robots and the pilots all have their own personality to them. Hopefully they'll be around for awhile.


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    1. They are pretty fun. I'm telling you half of it is just opening it.