Mar 7, 2018

Battle Tribes Action Figures

For quite awhile I'd been seeing posts on Instagram of the Battle Tribes figures by Spy Monkey Creations. Usually by the time I saw the post, it was long after a new wave dropped and I missed out. Then, I finally decided to get my act together and tune in and they may be a new minor obsession of mine.

One of the reasons I love these figures is they take me back to the 80s. They combine the best of Battle Beasts, action figures, and have swapable parts. Plus, they're fantasy themed so that doesn't hurt either!The figures are 3" tall and are are fully compatible with other Glyos figures like the sci-fi themed ones from Onell Design.

Here is the Bone Shadow Demon from two waves ago.

In this set is: a body, cape, two weapons, wings, six heads, and two pairs of feet (booted and taloned). This give you a crazy amount of options for displaying your figure! One of the great things about this line is that they frequently release a figure that very closely resembles another figure or character.

For example, you can make the Remco Skullman.

Bat Guy!
This is one of my favorite setups.

Or you can go full on horned demon lord with battle axe.

The real reason I decided to post about these figures (not that I need a reason, I mean, they are pretty great) is the DX Primitive Adventurer. I about lost my mind when I saw it go up for order and you'll see why shortly.

The figures seem to lean toward one of two general types: monster or humanoid. Monsters get the wicked wings and taloned feet while humanoids get a few more weapon choices and a different head mix. Here, we've got a body, six heads, three weapons, a shield, and a fashionable battle vest.

The triceratops head is cool but looks a little weird to me in a human flesh tone.

This one is a little dark on purpose but makes it hard to see the head. It's sort of like a wolf head mask with green eyes. He could almost pass for a primitive Batman.

But this...this right here is what made this a must buy when I saw it.


You make a figure that resembles one of my all time favorite Saturday morning shows and I am there! I'm just hoping they'll get around to making Ariel and Ookla. I think it'd be great if they introduced a female figure to the line for more variety.

If you want to check out more Battle Tribes, head over to Spy Monkey's shop where these two figures are still available. And be sure to tune into their Savage Realm of the Battle Tribes FB group to stay up to date on release news.


  1. un-booted, wings and squid-face... cool post good Sir !!

    1. Yes, it's nice to see a bit of Lovecraft influence creeping its way in.

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