Mar 14, 2018

Vincent Price in the House!

Over the past few months, Ebay user 3dogreiner has been putting up auctions from the Vincent Price estate. There have been quite the variety of items from personal and professional photos to random bits of paper with drawing and/or notes made by Price. There was even a handwritten letter from Christopher Lee to Price which sold for $400!

Every time a new batch of auctions went up, I would find a few interesting items with his signature or handwriting on them to watch. Most of them were autographed photos and they usually ended up going for over $100.

Persistence paid off and I was able to finally acquire a piece of Vincent Price!
So to speak...

It comes with a letter certifying that this is a piece from Price's family estate which is signed by his daughter, Victoria Price. I've met her on two different occasions (read about them here and here) and she is a wonderful person and an amazing speaker.

What I ended up with is a signed Christmas card. It's not an autographed photo and isn't horror related but I am totally fine with that. People that know Price know he was quite the renaissance man who was also into cooking and art collecting among other thing.

I think this is a pretty cool piece of memorabilia that shows a different side of Price.

Here's a close up of the card. It's worth clicking on for a better look at the little statues on the left side of the staircase.

It says Merry Christmas from The Prices
Mary  Vincent  Barrett 

Mary is Mary Grant, Price's second wife, and Barrett is his son, Vincent Barrett, from his first marriage to Edith Barrett.

I'm definitely going to keep scouting any new auctions to see what else turns up. Even if I don't get anything else, I am beyond thrilled to finally have a Vincent Price autograph!


  1. Congratulations on this find! This is totally unique and personal. Who would think that you could get a hold of a Christmas greeting from Vincent Price? So is this pic actually of his house? I'm interested in that letter to Vincent from Christopher Lee, so I'll have to follow that link.

    1. Based on what I've read and heard about his involvement in the art world and travel, I would not be surprised to find out this was his home.