Nov 1, 2017

Salem Halloween 2017

Well, it's November 1st which means it's time for the annual PHSAD - Post Halloween Season Affective Disorder. The good news is I've got some pics from Salem last night, thanks to my mom and wife. I can't exactly work anything in costume.

Also, Creative Salem has a TON of photos of people in costume round Salem and from the Halloween Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel. Absolutely worth checking them all out!

Nightmare was well represented this year.

There were also quite a few Beetlejuice costumes out there.

One of my favorites. Simple but looks great.

This homemade Gremlin is wild!

And an amazing homemade Alien.

This Gomez Addams should be dressed as John Cleese!

There were about 6 of these dinos traveling in a pack having a grand old time chasing each other and bumping into themselves.

It wasn't as crowded as previous years, but maybe that's because it was a Tuesday night. There was a huge police presence and some intersections were blockaded with school buses but I never really thought about it until seeing them. Sadly, these are the times we live in. But despite that, I'd say I had an above average night. No costume issues and plenty of people wanting to take pics with the Salem Creep made for a fun time!

There's more pics over on Flickr
I'm going to go enjoy the last day of my mini-vacation.


  1. Wow! I don't even know which one of these pics is my favorite! People did well with their costumes. I agree about the John Cleese suggestion. ;) I just compared this dude to some John Cleese photos, and I'm not sure that wasn't him! What a resemblance. That Lock, Shock, and Barrel are seriously creepy. And I love the shrunken head dude from Beetlejuice! Every one of these is fantastic. I bet you had a blast! Did the Salem Creep scare a bunch of people this time? And yeah, I can't imagine working a camera with those Creep hands on!

    1. I actually know Lock! He is local and I interviewed him in a previous year. He always does some amazing Burton-inspired costumes.

  2. Some amazing get ups! This always looks like so much fun.

    1. My only regret with my costume is that I can't fully experience everything because I can only see reasonably well out to about 10', beyond that I see mainly colored shapes.

  3. As always, big fan of your costume as we have very similar tastes in death get ups. Looked like a great night!

    1. It's kind of funny being an original character, people always try to guess what I am. I do get the occasional Death. I got 3 Kylo Ren's this year which isn't even close to what he looks like.