Sep 1, 2017

Monthly Movie Recap - August 2017

Happy Force Friday!

If you're doing your shopping online, hit this Amazon link and/or this Entertainment Earth link to go right to their Star Wars pages.

Not a whole lot of movies this month. Movie watching time was spent watching Voltron Season 3 and keeping up with Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures since they ran the new season M-F instead of once a week. If you're a Star Wars fan (or have little fans) and you're not watching the Freemakers, you're missing out!

I liked the first couple but even as they continue to get more ridiculous, and worse, I am in this for the long haul. I am on this series like Finn on Sharknadoes. I will ride this franchise out until one of us dies. It will probably be me.

Cool: Possibly time travel in the next one!
Lame: I feel like there were a lot of celeb cameos based on how long the camera lingers on them but I have no idea who most of them are.

Rating: 4/10

Hell House LLC (2015, Amazon)
If you're not burnt out on the whole found footage thing, this is a pretty decent one. It's got the added bonus of people setting up a haunted attraction in an actual haunted building. Set a movie around Halloween and I'm there.

Cool: There's some good creepy moments. They do a good job of ramping up the weirdness.
Lame: I swear some scenes have a musical score, which shouldn't happen if you're watching found footage.

Rating: 6/10

*Young Frankenstein (1974, Netflix)
Rewatched this to prep for seeing the musical production. I haven't seen this in decades. Now that I'm more into the classic Universal horror movies, I have a whole new appreciation for what Brooks and Wilder did with this.

Rating: 8/10, Classic!

I was promised Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley driving around an old ambulance and carting off accident victims for torture and/or murder. While it did deliver this in small doses, I was really expecting something more. I was hoping they would somehow be the main characters. Instead we get the usual assortment of dopey high schoolers that we just want to see die.

Cool: The bad guys have a backstory. The gore is good when we get it.
Lame: The bad guys are more interesting than the kids. The plot seems a little over complicated for a slasher flick.

Rating: 5/10, it's not terrible it just wasn't what I wanted it to be

Month Total
 New: 3  Rewatch: 1

Year Total
 New: 39  Rewatch: 4

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  1. Oooo thanks for pointing out that Old 57 is on Amazon I have been looking forward to seeing this one. Sure hope the out come is better for me tho!