Aug 25, 2015

August 2015 Loot Crate - Villains 2

It's no surprise that Loot Crate decided to follow up last months sequel, Heroes 2, with another sequel: Villains 2! As always, the mischievous minions at Loot Crate have supplied me with this box of geeky goodies in exchange for a review/promotion.

Let's see what's cookin, shall we?

There's not a lot of "content" in this months mag. Feels like there's more self promotion for LC than articles. There's a nifty little "Match the Quote to the Villain" game and a few pages on Batman baddies and how we all might have people like them in our lives.

I'm not the biggest DC comics fan but I am pretty into their shows and movies. This Joker figure is about 4" high and made entirely out of wood. He's got a surprising amount of articulation for something you'd expect to just be a desk tchotchke. His waist, wrists, shoulders, and head are all movable. He even comes with a swap-out head. If you look close at his "smile" you'll notice they say different things. Mistah J here is a Loot Crate exclusive but they also have Batman and Superman figures.

If you need a little crazy with your morning coffee, here's a 16 oz. Venom head mug. Some people got Venom, some got Carnage. You can't choose your crazy, it chooses you. Something about the face just doesn't look right to me, maybe because it looks like a normal head? But I do like how the tongue lashes around the back to form the handle.

My favorite item in the crate is this Hydra pin from eFX Collectibles. The packaging is a Loot Crate exclusive, the retail version will have a different box. This was created from the original digital files that were used to make the movie prop.

Also in the Crate was a Los Pollos Hermanos (Breaking Bad) apron. It was all nicely folded and in a plastic bag. Since I'll never use it, I figured I'd leave it that way so someone else can have the joy of opening it.

Here's a peek at the interior of the Crate. I really like what they've been doing with the insides of the boxes. I've seen other Looters mounting them on their walls to create a place to show off their collectibles, which is a pretty cool idea.

In terms of villainous plots, I'd call this month's Loot Crate "knocking over a bank and finding out most of what you grabbed was international currency." Some of it's good, but most of it isn't for you and would be better enjoyed somewhere else.

If you'd like to get a random box of geeky goodies dropped on your doorstep every month, head on over to Loot Crate and sign up! Use promo code AEIOUwhy for 10% off your subscription plan.


  1. Thank you good Sir Dex... we were just given the Joker (wooden figure) ant thought that we would find more info about it from you.... We were right, Thanks !!