Jul 27, 2015

July Loot Crate 2015 - Heroes 2

A quick note before the Main Event: Summer Swap 2015 is still going strong and I'm expecting a real live blog post from one of the gang soon.

And now....

Look, out on the porch!
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
Don't be stupid, how would a plane get on my porch?

It's Loot Crate!
And for the first time since I've been getting it, they're revisiting a theme. 
This month is Heroes 2.

Get your atomic batteries to power and turbines to speed, because we're off!

This month's mag features a brief history of Batman and Wonder Woman and an interview with Jon Schnepp, the man behind the documentary "The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?". I'll tell you what happened, that movie not getting made probably saved the future of super hero cinema. I do want to see the documentary because my brain can't even comprehend a Tim Burton/Nic Cage Superman movie.

The inside of this month's Crate is a pretty neat slice of a Gotham city block.

I really like this mini-poster featuring the "Bombshell" version of Wonder Woman. I like WWII art and alternate timelines, so I just may check out the new DC Bombshells comic coming out soon.

In case you were wondering, Spock smells like vanilla. To ensure you keep a good grip on your sword, there's a Legend of Zelda wristband. Holy Bat-Gadget! This bat-shaped key chain has a bottle opener and Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. Although I think I'd rather keep this pointy thing in my utility belt than a pants pocket.

Next is a promo code for the video game Brawlhalla, which is like a Super Smash Bros game with cartoony fighters. It's currently in Beta and you can sign up here. I signed up yesterday and got my access code today so I'll be checking that out as soon as I wrap this up!

The League of Regrettable Superheroes is hands down my favorite item this month. This Loot Crate exclusive version is only about half the length of the actual book, but it's still packed with comic goodness. The Golden and Silver Ages had quite the variety of unusual characters. You can read a great interview (including lots of pics) with the author here.

Here's just a few of the featured heroes. Ok, I have to admit I kinda want to find some issues of Nightmare and Sleepy! The book doesn't just stick to the heroes of yesteryear, it gets a little more "modern" with characters from the 80s. Remember US 1? It's ok if you don't, I had forgotten all about it before seeing this book.

Delivering the final punch, is this Batman Q-Pop statue from Quantum Mechanix. This is another Loot Crate exclusive. The "normal" version is more comic-based and this one is sporting the Batman '66 duds. The Kapow! sticker comes off and you can make him say whatever you want with the included dry erase marker.

All in all, not a bad Crate. Because it was so DC-centric, I feel that I need to rate it on a Batman scale. I give it a solid Val Kilmer.

The folks at the Halls of Loot provided me with these goodies in exchange for review and promotion. If you'd like to score sweet swag every month without resorting to a life of crime, you can sign up at Loot Crate with code AEIOUwhy to save 10% on your subscription plan.


  1. I don't subscribe to Loot Crate, but this one would definitely make me a true believer. Absolutely love the Batman Q-Pop Statue! However, a friend of mine gave me the Multi Tool Bat Gadget. So, I'm not exactly going without.

    1. That's the thing with Loot Crate and other sub boxes, you never know what you're going to get every month so it's luck of the draw.

  2. OK, this might be the coolest Loot Crate you've shared! I love Batman and Wonder Woman. Do you get MeTV where you are? That channel plays a series of shows on Saturday night. You get a few episodes of Superman, then Batman, and then Wonder Woman. It's something I look forward to! I love that little Batman statue and the gargoyle thing he's standing on. And I had to laugh when I saw the "She Can Do It" poster because I happened to be wearing a t-shirt with the old "We Can Do It" poster printed on it at the time. Very cute poster. I bet you like the Regrettable Superheroes book. So, those are for real? I want to know what Nightmare and Sleepy get up to too!

    1. We do get MeTV, I love all the 70s/80s programming on it.

      That's so funny about your shirt. What are the odds?

      All the heroes in the book were actual comics. It's mostly older stuff from the 40s-60s. There are some really out there characters in it!