Jul 7, 2015

Summer Swap 2015 Field Update

I'm happy to present the first #SummerSwap2015 update from the field!
This Swap Box report is brought to you from Rondal of Strange Kids Club.

If you're still in line to get the box, please don't send any liquid-ish substances. We had a slight incident with some slime getting out of containment but all is well because Rondal just happened to have some CDC approved hazardous material cleaner upper.

Here's what he pulled out of the Swap Box courtesy of his Instagram.
He said he and his daughter had a lot of fun going through the contents.

And here's a few things he tossed into the Box.

If you've already had the box, it's still not too late to post a report or send me a couple pics to put up. I know life gets in the way of fun, I won't judge you for being late!

This week, the Swap Box is heading way out West.
Stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait to get my sweaty little hands on that box! What a score with the Casper and the Garfield (pencil topper?). I used to have a couple of those....

    1. I thought Garfield was a pencil topper at first too, but turns out he's solid plastic - makes a great paper weight/desk bling. :)