May 16, 2012

A Post That's Not a Post

This is a post to let you know there won't be a regularly scheduled Wednesday post today! However I wanted to let you know that I updated my former LEGO Trading page to a more general toy trading page. You can see the link right up there under the banner.

I updated it because I also have Playmobil and SLUG Zombie figures to trade if anyone's interested.

Also in about 7 hours I will no longer be the last geek on Earth that hasn't see The Avengers.
Yay me!

Just checking to make sure you're awake...


  1. Dont worry I'll be the last to see Avengers.....I always wait for DVD....much better at home:)

    1. We had discounted tickets so we splurged for IMAX. Totally worth it for the sound and giant screen.