Nov 14, 2016

VHS Playing Cards

Over the weekend I got my deck of VHS Playing Cards by Classics Playing Cards. These were funded via Kickastarter. When collecting playing cards, the decision is usually made based on the subject matter or card art. This one was all about the packaging.

They did an amazing job on the tuck box! It's got enough "shelf wear" to make it look like you found it in a box in your parent's basement.

Even the back of the box takes you back to a time when you had to decide how best to utilize the available space of your tape. Ah, remember the days when storage was an issue?

Not only did they put a "label" on the side, but they put some appropriate dirty finger smudging to complete the look.

Here's the box with the deck, face down, next to it. Of course the card backs are a VHS tape!

The card designs are the least exciting part for me in this deck but I do like the scribble look of the pips and the 80s-ness of the overall design.

There was a really cool add-on during the Kickstarter campaign for a VHS Player box to hold your VHS Playing Card box.

As cool as it looks, I couldn't justify dropping $28 on a box to display a smaller box.

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