Feb 23, 2016

February 2016 Loot Crate - Dead

The fine folks at Loot Crate supply me with a box o' goodies every month
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Ah February, the month of love. The month The Walking Dead returns to TV and Deadpool is tearing up the box office. Naturally this month's theme is Dead.

Let's dig in, shall we?

Plenty of fun to be had between the pages this month: a brief zombie apocalypse survival guide, an interview with iZombie's coroner, Rahul Kohli, and a recipe for Deadpool tacos. If there was one thing the Deadpool movie was missing, it was Mexican food!

The pin is an undead Loot Crate. Whoa, hold the phone! I just had to add 'undead' to my spell check dictionary. What kind of a world is this? Anyway...the pin has a secret code on the back to unlock Carl Grimes in the Road to Survival Walking Dead mobile game. Not bad!

Quantum Mechanix delivers an exclusive Deadpool figure. He's the perfect size for a desk, being only a few inches high. I'm still not entirely convinced the dark cloud behind him is smoke but it makes sense as he's jumping out of an explosion. Some people will get a variant X-Force outfit version.

What better way to get yourself clean after a day in the zombie apocalypse than this Walking Dead soap-on-a-rope? Or you could just leave it out in the bathroom when you have company over.

On the left is an exclusive Walking Dead big head construction figure from McFarlane Toys.

Here's Daryl against the inside of the Loot Crate box. These figures look pretty cool but as "construction" toys they suck. The parts don't snap in so as you try to assemble it, you end up popping off other parts. If you look close, you can see his right shoulder peg sticking out slightly. Once you get it together, set it somewhere to admire it.

And rounding out the Crate is a Deadpool shirt! I'm not sure why his guns are excited for tacos, but hey, it's Deadpool, so who knows? I promise this will be my last time griping about the shirts being made for 20-somethings and being practically see through.

Overall, this was a pretty solid Crate! I'd give it 4 out 5 Headpools.

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