Jul 9, 2013

League Post - Return to Hake's

league of extraordinary bloggers

For this week's League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment, we're going shopping again! 

Go on a fictional shopping spree at Hake’s current auction #209 to make your collection a little more amazing. 

Surprisingly, I didn't find a lot to get excited about this time around. Sure, I wouldn't say no to any of the vintage Star Wars toys, especially that Early Bird Kit with the double-telescoping Luke figure (it's not as dirty as it sounds, really!), but those would be more for displaying in their sealed glory than anything else.
 If I'm adding to the collection, it has to be something special. 

1980 Atari Space Invaders button arcade video game home console

Classic arcade game + Atari 2600 = usually not great, but it's a win here! The original auction info stated this was probably released in 1978 when the arcade game came out. I emailed Hake's letting them know this was more likely released in 1980 with the Atari 2600 port of Space Invaders because the graphic Invaders are from the Atari version and not the arcade version. Proud video game nerd right here!
They replied back thanking me for the info and have since updated the description.

1977 Ideal STAR Team Knight of Darkness Darth Vader figure

Even though he's a blatant Darth Vader knock-off, I loved this guy as a kid! Since these toys came out shortly after Star Wars and Kenner wouldn't get any official toys out until the following year, he did a lot of galactic overlording until I got my 12" Vader figure.

1980 Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Halloween cosutme R2-D2 Artoo-Detoo Yoda Boba Fett Ben Cooper

When you mention "Halloween costume" to any child of the 70s and 80s, Ben Cooper is what they remember. The vinyl jumpsuit and plastic mask with tongue cutting mouth slit action (wow I did not mean that to sound dirty). I had the Fett one and the other two are worth it just as oddities. For whatever reason, Yoda looks a little bluer then he should. That R2 mask looks like he had a love child with a Cylon.

I am totally fascinated with the bygone era of spook shows. I've bought trading cards with poster art, a book on the subject and annually attend the Feast of Flesh which carries on the spook show legacy. This isn't quite as flashy as some other posters but I like these cardboard carnival style posters. Plus: a gorilla carrying a fainted woman.

Addams Family autograph John Astin Carolyn Jones Gomez Moriticia Lurch Wednesday Pugsley Uncle Fester

You know when you see something that is so amazing beyond words that you scream out an explecitive on the spot that your brain just made up because there are no existing words to relay your emotion? That. If the spook show poster would give me joy hanging on my wall, this would be akin to looking through the gates of Heaven. I'd flip at just having John Astin and Carolyn Jones' autographs but the whole cast? F- yeah!

What other League members are splurging on...
Shezcrafti and I are going to fight over the Space Invaders button
New member GI Jigsaw also likes Star Wars
Vikkiverka found some cool books I missed


  1. Ha! I was wondering why the description of that Space Invaders pin changed, and now I know it was your doing! It made my list too!

    1. I was hesitant to email them at first, thinking they'd figure I was some nerd know-it-all but the reply I got was very gracious and thankful.

  2. That Knight Of Darkness Looked pretty sweet to me also.

  3. I had one of those knights of darkness as a kid so that picture brings back memories as does the Star Wars costumes do too.

    1. I had a few toys in that line. I had the flying saucer ship and two of the robots. I think the only thing I was missing was the android.

  4. Nice goods, love the Spook Show poster!

    1. If you like that check out the link to the Spook Show poster trading cards. It's a great set!

  5. That Addams Family piece is mind blowingly awesome! I love that show. It is also one of my shopping spree picks.

    1. Then we obviously share some great taste :D

  6. I need to start collecting Spook Show posters. That thing is awesome.



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