Feb 23, 2013

Zag Toys - Marvel Nog'nz

I've really been enjoying the different lines of collectibles that Zag Toys has been putting out. The down side is that they're blind bagged, the plus side is that they're only a couple bucks and can satisfy that need to buy when you don't find anything else on a toy run.

Their latest offering is called Nog'nz and thanks to a contest on their Facebook page, I won a few packs. I'd seen photos online and their design sort of reminded me of Crazy Bones.

grab zags marvel nog'nz blind packs
Each pack comes with a checklist and two Nog'nz.
But there's two things that make these more fun than Crazy Bones: they're based on Marvel Comics characters and they're fully painted instead of cast in a single color.

grab zags marvel nog'nz magento gambit doctor doom doctor strange green goblin thor

As the checklist shows, they manage to cover the hot properties with all 45 Nog'nz: Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four. The back of the checklist suggests a few games you can play with them. I think they manage to capture quite a bit of character into each little head. I was excited to get my two favorite Marvel Doctors: Doom and Strange.

grab zags marvel nog'nz doctor doom doctor strange beta ray bill black widow scarlet spider

Word has it the next series will be based on DC characters.
You can keep up with @ZagToys on Twitter.



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