May 25, 2012

Geek Pride Day & Turning 35

Whether you're chillin in the Shire, knockin a few back in an intergalactic cantina, gaming with your buds on the Grid or exploring the wibbly-wobbly-ness of Time and Space, I hope you're letting your geek flag fly extra high today!

In case you weren't aware (?!) today also marks the 35th anniversary of Star Wars opening in the US. Nothing like your favorite movie turning 35 to make you feel a little older. I don't have many specific memories of seeing it back then, just some vague recollections. Sometimes when I watch the movies, I try to get back to that mindset of seeing them for the first time and really pay attention to things on the screen you come to ignore after 100+ viewings. Everyone knows about the Stormtrooper that hits his head. Some people know about the metallic dice hanging in the Falcon's cockpit and some know about the other landspeeder and Luke's T-16 Skyhopper that are in the garage where he cleans up the droids. Keep an eye out in the background next time you watch them and see what you notice!

I can honestly, and proudly, say Star Wars has changed my life. I know people say it all the time and it does sound a little cheesy. If nothing else, sharing an interest in the movies has allowed me to connect with some truly awesome people throughout my life. There's nothing like going to a Star Wars Celebration and being with thousands of strangers that all love the same thing. It makes waiting in long lines so much less painful.

The most important person it's allowed me to connect with is my wife of almost 10 years. She'll joke that the only reason I contacted her was because her online dating profile* said she liked Star Wars. It wasn't the only reason...but it was up there! I truly could never imagine being married to someone who doesn't like Star Wars, I don't think they would ever have put up with me long enough to get married.

Don't get jealous, but here's a pic of me after meeting Darth Vader.

* - Yes kids, people do find love on the internet through dating sites.


  1. Happy Geek Day to my favorite geek on earth! I remember your Star Wars sheets and curtains back in grade school! LOL. I think that is one of the reasons why I beat you up! That and just another excuse to touch you! Hahaha! Love you lots! Get your geek on! xoxo

  2. YES !! I always noticed the dice but was mad that you never saw em again !! My wife and I have a similar connection...Star Wars was a big factor for us while dating and now marriage ...20 years ! :) HAPPY GEEK DAY !!

  3. Luckily my wife likes Star Wars too! In fact we are gulp...Watching the Phantom Menace. Of course I have to do commentary on it in the voice of Mr. Plinkett pointing out what is wrong with the movie but hey...



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