Nov 14, 2011

Mail Order Monday - Posters & Incense

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Ah, nothing says late 60s/early 70s like peace blacklight posters and incense. 
It also says, I enjoy smoking things that are not cigarettes or cigars...
It doesn't help their case that the company is named after a fictional wizard that enjoyed a good pipe now and then..

It states the 88 posters are miniatures, but how small are they that you get 88 for 65 cents? 
"They're perfect for decorating all your things with meaning." 
Can I, like, only put them on things with meaning to me already or, like, am I giving things meaning by attaching them? 
Duuuude, I don't get it.
If you order now you get a groovy (their words not mine) 32 page catalog of jewlery, incense, patches, light machines (what's a light machine? lava lamp? one of those traffic light room lights?), posters and inflatables. Inflatables? What kind of business are you running here?

"Experience some of the world's most exciting and exotic incense"
Strawberry? Coconut? PINE?! When did Pine become exotic?
With your order you also get a porcelain burner and an "informative guidebook on the history and proper uses of incense."
Proper use: Place in holder, light, enjoy smell. 
Doesn't seem that hard...if you're clear-headed.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! I love it ---pine?! Guess it's the hippie thing to be turned on by a tree ;)



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