Aug 31, 2011

Star Wars Wednesday - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

As I'm writing this, the internets and Twitter are blowing up with the news of even more changes Lucas has made to the Original Trilogy on BluRay. And if these leaked changes are real, it wont' take a Jedi master to foresee they're going to be met with much fan outrage.

But that is the big question right now. The videos of these changes did not come from LucasFilm and were uploaded to a YouTube channel and the audio seems to be lacking in quality. Is this just someone pranking the rabid fanbase? Only time will tell.

All the drama queens crying "Lucas raped my childhood" are just that, drama queens. Lucas can't take away the movies I already own or my childhood memories. He can do what he wants because no matter what we like or dislike, he's making these changes so the movies fit his vision. Although it seems like that vision keeps needing a new prescription every few years....ahem.

Since this dust won't fully settle for some time, these toy ads from Famous Monsters of Filmland should make you feel a little better. Go ahead and click on them to view larger versions.

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