May 8, 2024

Space Ghosts Returns!

 Space Ghost is back in a new comic book series from Dynamite. Issue #1 dropped last week and there are incredible amount of variant covers. Between foil variants and retailer exclusives, there are over 40!

Since my introduction to Space Ghost was Saturday morning cartoons in the 80s, this is my favorite cover. A superhero in outer space. How can you go wrong? Being able to fly and turn invisible are great powers but what I really like are his power bands because it seemed like he had a ray for just about everything packed in there.

Greed and corruption flourish in the darkness between stars. With the territories of the Galactic Federation spread far and wide across the vastness of space, pirates and hijackers ransack the distant colonies with cruel disregard for the innocent scientists living within them.

Yet there is a cosmic vigilante who metes out justice throughout the galaxy, bringing vengeance to those who prey upon the defenseless.

Some say he is a policeman who has abandoned the strictures of the law. Others say he is a phantom, the sole survivor of a war-torn planet. And those who have survived his wrath claim he is more a force of nature, able to bend the very elements of Creation to decimate his enemies.
They call him the SPACE GHOST!

I've read the first issue and it's definitely action packed! It starts out with a pirate attack on Space Colony Omicron where scientist Dr. Kepler lives with his kids, Jan and Jace, and their pet monkey BLIP (Binary Language Integrated Prototype) who has an experimental neural link that allows him to learn at an accelerated rate.

Dr. Kepler is killed and as the kids race to find a way to escape the pirates, Space Ghost arrives to save the day. One of the pirates is a long time foe of Space Ghost but I won't spoil which one. As you might expect, Space Ghost saves the kids, and Blip, and we're promised a trip to Ghost Planet in the next issue!

Prior to the book coming out, I saw comments online from people concerned how they were going to handle ol' SG because writer David Prepose is known for his work on The Punisher, among other things. Would we be getting a grittier, darker Space Ghost?

I did find that he posted: "One of my favorite things about Space Ghost has to be the range of stories we're telling. It's a real treat as a writer to play with so many different tones, and I think it speaks to the versatility of Space Ghost as a character and his deep bench of iconic villains."

So it sounds like we'll be in for a variety of stories down the road and I can't wait to see Space Ghost (and crew's) further adventures.

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