May 11, 2022

Doctor Strange - Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive

 The Doctor is in, baby! Strange has had a handful of incarnations in the Marvel Legends line from the movies, comics, and even the What If? animated series. None of them have really hit that sweet spot of "I gotta have it!" despite Strange being my favorite Marvel character. Well, they finally made "My Strange".

 Naturally, it's a hard to find (at least for me) Walmart exclusive. But by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, I have found him! He's costs a tiny bit more than a regular Legend but with all the extras, I feel like I underpaid if anything. (Note that I'm talking about pre-recent price hike prices of $20) I popped the side panel open on the box here to show off the artwork.

Strange has all the great articulation you'd expect from a modern Legend...except for the fact that the cloak is not removable (as far as I dared try) which somewhat limits his shoulder range of motion. It's a trade off I'm willing to make because usually the removable ones just don't sit right.

He comes with two pairs of hands, three heads, two magic effects, a battle axe, and the Wand of Watoomb (above). I was pretty psyched they included the Wand as it's one of the notable relics I associate with him. It actually has a brief appearance in the Doctor Strange movie where Wong wields it in the final battle with Kaecilius.

Did you know for a short time that Strange was concerned about keeping his identity secret and donned a mask? Back in 1969 it happened! The costume was a little different and looked more like a superhero. It's a cool nod to his past even if having the exposed neck looks a little weird. The axe is from a more recent comic series but I figured he's wearing the mask, why not give him the axe?
I've been a Strange fan since I was a kid so to finally get a classic comic figure is a dream. All around, it's a great figure especially with all the accessories. There's a little sloppy paint application around the collar and edges of the cape but that's really my only complaint.

Illyana: Like this?
Strange (sighing): No...

Serpents, spiders, tail of a rat
Call in the spirits, wherever they're at!

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