Sep 1, 2020

Monthly Media Recap - August 2020

Can you believe it's only 60 days to Halloween?!? It pretty much goes without saying that it's going to be an unusual spooky season this year. If you're not already, be sure you're following Dinosaur Dracula as he kicked off his Halloween countdown this past weekend.


Dead to Me (S1-2, Netflix) - Applegate and Cardellini are deviously delightful in this dark comedy. The writing is top notch and the story gets stranger as it goes. 

Umbrella Academy (S2, Netflix) - I really enjoyed the first season and I felt this one was even better because they were able to dig into the characters more. Time travel can get a little wonky as a plot device but they handled it very well.

Marvel's Runaways (S1-2, Disney+) - A comic based series that I've actually read! Granted, it's been awhile since I read the original comics but I feel like they did an amazing job with this adaptation. They could not have done a better job with the kids they cast. Really hoping the final season gives some kind of ending.

Black Summer (Netflix) - Follows different people during the early days of a zombie apocalypse trying to make their way to a government extraction point. It's not overly gory but it can get brutal at times. Even if you've had your fill of zombie media, I say it's worth checking out.

High Score (Netflix) - A 6 part series looking at the history of video games. Given there is so much to cover, it doesn't get too in depth in any one place. What I do really like about it is that you get to meet some of the people that helped shaped the industry.


Host (2020, Shudder)
The first movie completely shot and released during the pandemic, Host is better than it has any right to be. It was done over Zoom and every actor had to do their own camera work and practical effects. It may look like another found footage/Paranormal Activity type movie but it will have you turning the lights on as you walk through your house after.

Rating: 7/10

In Search of Darkness (2019, Shudder)
Do you remember VH1's "I Love the ___" shows? Well, this is the 80s horror version featuring plenty of iconic folks that were in front of, and behind, the cameras. It's an absolute must see! It's over 4 hours and they're doing another one! Currently, they're working on a similar project for 80s sci-fi flicks.

The first movie in the history of the Monthly Recap that I could not finish. When they set out to make this one, they only shot footage for a sizzle reel to try and get investors. And that was that...or so it seemed. Years later, someone thought it was a good idea to cut this footage with flashbacks from the first three movies to make a feature. Not only is this the worst clip show ever but the clips are terrible quality. I barely made it 20 minutes.

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
The final (God, I hope) film in the series is a direct sequel to the original and ignores 2-4. It's nice to see some of the original cast return 25 years later...I guess? There are too many characters and not enough of a body count to justify them. I know it's a slasher and you don't usually root for anyone but usually there's one person you want to live. It really feels like getting the band back together to trot out the hits for a last grab at something.

Rating: 4/10

It was good but I was just never as big a fan of Elton as I am Queen so there's no comparison to Bohemian Rhapsody for me. Rocketman is more of an actual musical melded with a biopic, something I'd expect to see on Broadway.

Rating: 6/10

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (Shudder)
I loved this series when it first started and then kinda forgot about it after the 5th or 6th movie. I didn't know this was a reboot going in so that definitely affected my feelings on it at first. Much like the Child's Play reboot, this felt more like gore for the sake of it, leaving story and characters by the wayside. Even considering these should just be mindless B-movies, I didn't have enough fun with it. Some of the new puppet designs are cool but they messed with Blade. You don't mess with Blade.

Rating: 5/10

Disneyland's Forgotten Sci-Fi Rock Band (2020, YouTube)
Whether you're a fan of Disney Parks, music, or crazy sci-fi themed bands, this documentary is a must watch! I dare you to watch the above trailer and not be interested. I knew nothing about this band going in and by the end I am sad I never got to see them perform. If you only watch one thing from this list, this should be it. Full movie linked in title.

We Summon the Darkness (2019, Netflix)
I was hoping for a little more from the 80s heavy metal/Satanic panic setting, but it was decent. Most of the fun comes from the slippery slope of things continuing to go wrong and how it escalates the situation. Long time horror fans won't be surprised by any of the twists. While I got a kick out of Johnny Knoxville playing a preacher, he doesn't really do much to make a memorable impression.

Rating: 6/10

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  1. I will be checking out Disneylands forgotten Sci-Fi Band!!! I'm still 2 hours away from finishing in search of darkness sigh.

    1. I could literally sit on the couch and watch that style of show all day.

  2. Watched the Host trailer. That looks fantastic.

    1. I was really surprised at how good of a job they did with it.