Sep 9, 2020

SDCC 2020 Exclusive Tron Figure

Greetings, programs!

If there is one good thing to come out of SDCC being cancelled this year, it's that it made this exclusive super easy to obtain. I jumped on the Entertainment Earth pre-order as soon as it was available. Thanks to anyone that's used my affiliate link on the right, I was able to get it for almost 50% off.

The figure comes in a great VHS clam shell style box, complete with silver foil sticker on the side. The old collector in me had a moment's hesitation on seeing the sticker and thought about not opening it. A split second later, the new collector in me slapped him down.

It even comes with a VHS tape! Nah, just kidding. 
It's an insert that lays on top of the figure beneath.

On the left, we've got 3 'effect' discs, 2 different discs, and a stand. The Diamond Select versions of the figures have similar effects but the long, curvy one is unique to this figure. I'm not sure why they went translucent on two of the effect discs, it looks weird.

So far, they get an A for presentation but the internal packaging is not as great. Sure, it holds everything in place, in some cases too well. The discs and spare hands were difficult to pry out of the plastic. It also took a bit to get the flying disc on the right to come out because I was worried about breaking it.

Now, you may be wondering why Tron is not his normal colors and that's why this figure is an exclusive. I don't remember if this was an early design or costume test but this is the image the figure is referencing.

Each of the single discs has a peg that lets you put the disc on his back. And speaking of discs...why would you not make hands that were sculpted to hold the character's trademark item/weapon? Seriously, it is a challenge to get him to hold any of the accessories no matter which hands you try.

This one wasn't too bad to get him to hold. I think it would look cooler if he were able to "throw" it. If they could have figured out a way to put a hole in the hand and a peg at the end of the effect so you could plug it into the hand, I think it would have been better.

This one was a tricky but I managed to get it to work. I don't think it's something you'd be able to display him with as it would probably fall off at any sign of a breeze. Again, would be better if they painted the disc instead of the whole effect looking like a piece of candy.

Maybe the best feature of the figure is that he lights up under blacklight! Despite how frustrated I am at getting him to hold the accessories, I really do like this figure. The VHS style packaging looks great on display and this version of the figure is how exclusives should be done. It's something the hardcore fans will appreciate and casual collectors probably won't miss in their collection if they can't get it.


  1. Wow all of it wow! I love the clam shell packaging and I hear you seeing the silver sticker would have slowed me down for a moment anyway.

    1. And it says on it 1/3000 which isn't really super limited release but I wasn't going to get one to keep and one to open! Now I just have to get the regular versions of Tron and Sark.

  2. Love that clam shell packaging! Brilliant!

    1. I remember when all the Disney movies used to come like that on VHS :)