Jul 22, 2020

Marvel Battleworld Game by Funko

Wow it seems like forever ago that I posted about any new toys. Let's see...that was...back in May with the Imperial Probe Droid figure. It's not like I'm not popping into stores to see what's up but it's definitely not as often and not as fun. It's more of a challenge to pick something up on a whim these days due to the longer check out lines. But I did spot the latest game from Funko a couple weeks ago and had to check it out.

Marvel Battleworld display

Marvel Battleworld is sorta kinda (maybe?) based on the most recent Secret Wars event where various realities in the Marvel Comics universe were combined into one mega planet: Battleworld. The Big Bad in that story was Dr. Doom but since no one has really gotten him right on the big screen yet, in this version it's Thanos.

Everybody knows Thanos.

Marvel Battleworld figures

The game is sold in two different forms: a $25 Mega Pack with 6 figures (including an exclusive Negative Zone Spider-Man) and a $9 Battle Ball that has two random figures. Each one also has a die, character cards for your heroes and Battleworld map tiles. The Ball is more of a booster but does have everything you need to play.

Battleworld Howard & die

The Ball I picked up had none other than Howard the Duck! If you look at the art on the display, you'll see Spider-Ham and Throg (frog Thor) which is an indication that they're going off the beaten path a little with character choice. That's a standard D12 in the middle to give you an idea of the size of the figures.

That orange thing is a Thanostone. You see, Thanos has captured the heroes of multiple realities so they don't interfere with his plans. As you play the game, you can rescue them and add them to your game! I'm not going to dive into the game mechanics but you can watch this quick video.

Who did I break out to help Howard defend the universe?
The King of Wakanda!

Battleworld Black Panther

The art style is cool and I am loving the figures! I don't know how many more of them I'll get considering it's $9 to blindly buy 2 of them, but they do have some great characters. If you go back to the first pic and click to get a better view, the display shows all the figures in the first wave. I was floored to see Croctor Strange but he has been popping up quite a bit in the current Spider-Ham series. The choices are odd as I think most kids will be expecting their favorite movie/cartoon heroes.

There's no Captain America, but you get Captain Americat. No 616 Thor, but Ultimate Thor, Throg, Dino-Thor, and Beta Ray Bill.

The Battle Ball opens into two halves which are designed to show off your figures. I'm having a hard time packing the cards back into the ball so at least this is something neat to do with it. Inside the indent is a peg that fits into a hole on the figure's feet and there's a slot to hold their card.

Battleworld Howard

And of course, what would a collectible game be without rarity? There are three levels: Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare, which is reserved for the Infinity figures. Coincidentally (?) they are different versions of the figures in the display. Each one being a single color to match an Infinity Stone.

Marvel also put together some new animated shorts to go with the line.

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