Feb 7, 2020

Labyrinth Playing Cards

I did tell you to tune your crystal ball in to see the next deck of cards and that was sort of a clue as to what it might be.

Labyrinth has been one of my favorite movies since it came out. Both the movie and the soundtrack have gotten a lot of play over the years. Back in the dial-up days of Bulletin Board Systems, I adopted Jareth as my first online handle.

There is so much to love with this deck! First, they used the riddle door guards Ralph (red) and Alph (blue) as the Jokers. What better choice is there?

Second, Hearts/Diamonds are yellow with Spades/Clubs being purple. I really like this because it makes the cards more interesting when you're holding a hand. Not surprisingly, the card images are all stills/promo images from the movie.

The court cards in every suit are the Labyrinth (Ace), Jareth (King, naturally!), Sarah (Queen, of course), and back to Jareth (Jack). He's also on the 10 in every suit.

Another fun thing they did was use Ludo on the 4s and the Fireys on the 3s. Here you can see what I mean about having two different colors of cards.

Whoever you're favorite character might be from the movie, they're probably on at least one card in the deck. Sir Didymus? The Wiseman? The worm? They're all here.

So if you ever accidentally wish away your baby brother and need to play a game of cards to get him back, this is your deck! You can find them at Entertainment Earth.


  1. Love those Fireys! Labyrinth is so fun. I don't even know how many times I've watched it! I'm guessing from this post, that you have watched it quite a few times as well. ;) I'm finally able to comment on your blog. I don't know what is up with Opera but I'm able to comment in Firefox.

    Anyway, I'll catch up with what I'd wanted to write some time back! I liked your little pumpkin action figures with the interchangeable heads, and that skeleton Lucha Libre guy. He was very cool.

    Also, a looong time back on Instagram I saw you share a pic from that mall book. Did you blog about that? I am very interested to hear more about it, because that's some big time personal nostalgia for me!

    1. So, so, so many times! Outside of the original Star Wars movies, Labyrinth is probably the movie I have rewatched the most times.

      The people that made the pumpkin head/wrestler figures just announced their next wave of figures are inspired by the original Tron action figures from the 80s so I'm very excited for those! I usually pick one figure from a wave but I may have to get all 4 of these.

      I didn't blog about the mall book, but it is a pretty big shot of nostalgia if you were around back then. The author/creator of the book had mentioned in a Kickstarter update that he got a message from someone that works on The Goldbergs TV show saying they use his photos as a reference when they have to do mall scenes.

    2. Oh, I love knowing that The Goldbergs uses that book as reference for the mall scenes. I can think of a few mall-related episodes right now. I sometimes think of you when I watch that show, because of some of Adam's interests/collections/his love of movies. I was about to type "vintage" before those words, but of course they weren't vintage for Adam during the 80s. :) That show is such a fun trip down memory lane. I always notice all these little details that I'd forgotten about.

      Thinking about those details prompted me to look up some pics of the Goldbergs' house. I'm looking at some pics of the interior now. I'm looking at those decorations thinking "Oh yeah, this was how it looked back in the day." It's a mix of different people's houses I remember. :)

    3. Yeah, definitely a mix of things. I remember when the show started there were people commenting on how it was like a mish-mash of 80s stuff where "this thing" shouldn't be there at the same time as "other thing" because they were years apart.
      Goldberg responded to that saying it's supposed to be like that because he's telling a story from memory and things kind of blend together like that as you get further away from the time.

  2. Have never seen it. Just added to Amazon queue.

    1. Let me know what you think. It's one thing to grow up loving a movie and something completely different to watch it for the first time later in life.