Jan 29, 2020

Now Hear This - Metal Elvis

Plenty of metal bands have done their own covers of Elvis songs over the years but the band Metal Elvis is all about "the son of the King" carrying on his daddy's legacy with modern songs.

Metal Elvis is fronted by Chance Tinder who has been "doing Elvis" for over 30 years. He's accompanied The Monsters of Rock: Slush (lead guitar), Katman Kelly (drums), and Stikki Lixx (bass). As you can see, they make quite the visual mash-up.

And mash-up is what Metal Elvis is all about...

The band plays (played?) in the Vegas area. Unfortunately, their Facebook page hasn't been updated since 2018 so I'm not sure what they're status is at the moment, which is too bad. Not that I'm exactly "in the area" but I bet they're a fun band to see live.

If you've got a burning love for more Metal Elvis, you can check out their YouTube channel which has a few more videos. And since I can't find their CD available for purchase online, you can click on the cover below to check out the album.

Metal Elvis has left the building...