Sep 30, 2019

Monthly Movie Recap - September 2019

Well, this is certainly the shortest Monthly Movie Recap ever!
Read on to find out why.

Tomorrow starts the month long Countdown to Halloween so be sure to tune in!


Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Netflix) - This 12 hour series (and feature length making of) is where most of my spare movie watching time went this month and I don't regret a single second of it. Some will say this is blasphemy but I'd love to see them remake/expand the movie. Also, I'm ready for my Labyrinth sequel.

Scream: The Series (Netflix) - I don't think I even knew there was a third season. The first two seasons were on MTV and this one went "straight to VH1". It was pretty good, basically a 6 hour slasher flick.

Silver Screen

I not entirely sure how I feel about this overall as a movie but damn they absolutely nailed the 60s horror vibe. From the colors, the clothes, and the (intentionally) bad acting you'd almost swear this was shot 50 years ago. I say almost because there is a brief scene with a cell phone plus computers in a couple scenes. I say if you're going to commit, go all in.
If you dig the trailer, check it out. I will say it's a little longer than I think it needs to be as I found myself checking how much time was left at one point. Otherwise, it's a beautiful throwback love letter.

Rating: 7/10

Head Count (2018, Netflix)
I really liked the lore behind the creature and that we never find out too much about it. This really is a great example of less being more, until they decide to give us a full view of the creature which is nowhere near as scary as what you could imagine. Not that the movie gets really scary at any point but there are a couple of creepy bits. I still have questions about why it dispatches its victims the way it does. The door was definitley left open for a sequel (with a cliche ending) so maybe I'll get some answers down the road.

Rating: 6/10

Suicide Squad (2016)
I thought it was decent. I don't really read DC so I'm not hung up on how it stacks up to the original comics. When I saw the first trailers I thought it was trying too hard to be the next Guardians of the Galaxy and I stand by that a little. I feel like they went a little overboard with the soundtrack. Other than that, The Harley and Deadshot Show was solid. Leto's performance as Joker was great but I still am not a fan of the look of this incarnation.

Rating: 6/10

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Year to Date
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  1. You convinced me to watch The Love Witch. I really enjoyed Head Count. I am obsessed with Batman. I have loved Harley Quinn since Batman:TAS. But, the Suicide Squad disappointed me. There. I said it. Nice article.

    1. Yeah I know the fans weren't happy with it. It was fine for me as a movie. It felt very much like what I've come to expect from a "DC" movie.

      Let me know what you think of The Love Witch!

  2. Suicide Squad trailer was better than the movie. Still enjoyed it.