May 8, 2019

Dungeon Thief Figure (Spy Monkey Creations)

Spy Monkey Creations dropped a new wave of Battle Tribes a couple weeks ago. While they're pretty darn cool, I usually resist the urge to get one from every wave but this drop had a figure I couldn't pass up, the Dungeon Thief.

As usual, the figure comes with multiple heads and an assortment of equipment, like this punch knife and dagger. This one also comes with a belt which is a separate piece that can be removed. I call this head helmet dwarf. Original, right?

This here is mohawk dwarf with warhammer and spiky shield. I'm not a big fan of the shield piece. Because of the bulky design (more below) they never look like the character is holding it quite right. But where they are pretty genius in their design is the other way you can use them. A quick peg swap in the back of the shield...

And it becomes armor plating for your dino warrior dude!

I love this dino head! I'm no dinosaur-ologist but it reminds me of an Ankylosaurus which is one of my favorite extinct lizards. Note without a beard and the belt, you can see more of the torso graphics.

If you've been reading along and had something nagging at the back of your brain that something is familiar about this figure, you're not wrong.

This is what sold me on the figure. It's very much inspired by the classic LJN Dungeons & Dragons assassin figure Zarak!

They done this head before but I don't think it's ever had such a maniacal look. He's just itchin to get in some trouble!

The Dungeon Thief is still available at Spy Monkey's site along with many other Battle Tribes figures. And if you're a fan of the classic D&D figures, there's one based on the Dwarf

If you haven't dipped into the world of Battle Tribes yet, it's never too late. The figures really are a lot of fun because all the figure parts are interchangeable.


  1. the hooded version looks cool... a pleasant mid-week to you, good Sir...

    1. The blue they used really pops in person

  2. This is fantastic! I had that LJN Zarak figure when I was a kid and this brings back some great memories! Thanks for sharing!

    1. He was butt ugly but he was one of my favorites. Most of the bad guys were cooler than the good guys.