May 22, 2019

Spring Cleaning with Steam

Okay I know it's almost Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of Summer, but it's never too late to do some Spring cleaning, right? Today I'm going to show you how to have fun with Steam this weekend!

Nah, not that kind of Steam.
This kind of Steam!

Over the years, I've picked up my fair share of Humble Bundles (discounted groups of video games) and I realized I have a lot of codes that I'll never use. So if you want a free game or two, here is what you'll need:

Windows PC
Steam account (it's free)

The only "tricky" bit to this is that it's on you to look up the titles to find out what they are and to make sure your system can run them. I don't think any of them are that beefy so they shouldn't require a hardcore gaming rig to run.

To claim a game, message me on Twitter, Instagram or leave a comment below (making sure your profile or comment has a way to contact you) with your choice and I'll send you a code to redeem on Steam. There's a lot of games and I know I don't have a ton of readers so feel free to pick a couple and/or send friends over.

They Bleed Pixels
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Lethal League
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Regency Solitaire
Super Time Force Ultra

1001 Spikes
Absolute Drift
Bulb Boy
Craft the World

Telltale Games
Poker Night at the Inventory
Puzzle Agent
Puzzle Agent2
Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse
The Walking Dead: 400 Days
The Walking Dead: Season 1
The Wolf Among Us

Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space
Enforcer: Police Crime Action
Meridian: New World
Victory At Sea
Beware Planet Earth!
GoD Factory: Wingmen
Tooth and Nail?

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