Aug 15, 2018

Denny's Solo Trading Cards

Just prior to Solo's release you might remember seeing cross promotional ads with Denny's. In addition to some special Solo themed menu items, you could also pick up exclusive trading cards. In my opinion, they had one of the best tie-in commercials ever.

The cards were $3 for a pack of 2 and there were 12 to collect. You might be thinking $3 is high for 2 trading cards but they were also donating $1.75 of that to the charity No Kid Hungry. A win for everybody!

I didn't pick these up when they came out because my local Denny's had closed down and the closest one was 30 miles away. But thanks to a Facebook trading group, I was able to get the whole set for other cards I had sitting around.

The set of 12 is split into 2 groups of six: good guys and aliens/bad guys. I don't know why they picked Val here, she's not in the movie that much. I would have gone with Beckett since he has a bigger role. Even though Rio doesn't have that big of a part, I would have liked to see him too. I really dig his design and he's a fun character.

I mostly like the card design, they almost look like Old West posters. I think they might look better if the shading was behind the character instead of covering their bottom half. It would make them pop off the card more.

The really neat thing with these cards is they have a puzzle on the back. This was one of the big cool factors for me as a kid with the original Topps cards way back when. Of course then, I didn't have the whole puzzle right away and getting those pieces was what made it fun.

Here's the Empire and aliens half of the set. Where is Dryden Vos, the big baddie of the movie? Admittedly, he's not as cool to look at as any of these characters. And ol' Thurm Scissorpunch has gained a cult following of his own. I mean, you can't go wrong with that name!

And here's the back of the second half. I haven't really seen the retail Topps Solo cards but I'm guessing this artwork ended up on a card there. I like the style of the art and that it's like an ad you'd see in the Star Wars galaxy.

If you're looking to pick up these cards, you can find them on Ebay for around $20 for the set. If you're a "it's not a set until I have every variant card" type of person, be warned! Each of the 12 cards in the set has a foil variant that were inserted into 1:100 packs.

Never tell me the odds indeed!

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