Jan 10, 2017

Choose Your Own Erotic Adventure?

While browsing Amazon a few weeks ago, the "customers who bought this also bought" section totally blew my mind when I saw an adult Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) inspired book. Having had an almost life-long history with CYOA books, I naturally had to find out more.

"You’re young, adventurous, and horny. And you have the day off. Outside your door, a world of possibility awaits; all you need to do is decide what –and who—you want to do. In your quest for love you’ll traverse catacombs while fending off vampires, outwit a seductive spy aboard Air Force One, tangle with a lecherous ghost, and even travel to Hell and back. Make the wrong decision and you’ll end up in a casket. Choose wisely, however, and you might get laid and still make it home in time to feed your cat."

I'm thinking this sounds like a Leisure Suit Larry adventure, could be fun to check out. This page, of course, leads to another "customers who bought" section that had even more adult CYOA books. And not just a handful (no pun intended), there are a ridiculous number of titles crossing into every genre!

Author Callista Hawkes has a few that sound like porn parodies...

Stroken? This must be high caliber literature. I probably would have gone with something like Shaven, Not Spurned but I guess I can see where they were going.

Then there's some that get into a very specific fetish...

"Step into the backyard fighting zone - a small circle of grass where the crowd has gathered to watch you box. Today you're the hero of a choose your own adventure erotic boxing story - the world's first and probably only male/female interactive erotic boxing novel."

First, and probably last, erotic boxing novel I'm guessing.

Shon Richards has the Choose Your Own Pleasure series.

"You are a normal woman just trying to get a good night’s sleep but one strange light in the sky later, you find yourself on board an alien spaceship. Creepy aliens want to do weird experiments with your private parts! Fearsome robots want to keep you from escaping! Something with tentacles wants to do something really nasty with you! Mysterious Men in Black assure you that none of these sensations are real! Wait, maybe you have something that you want to do to your fellow human captives?"

As you keep going down the rabbit hole of similar books you start getting into Fifty Shades type stuff and this is a family-friendly blog so the bus is going to stop here. If you've got some holiday Amazon cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can click on any of the covers to purchase them. And if you do, please come back and tell me about it.

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  1. While these sound interesting to say the least, I've had the opportunity to review a couple "Choose Your Own Misery" books that's more of an Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Office Space type settings. These are definitely adult books as well but mainly for the language used throughout. Here's a link to the latest book review → http://www.rediscoverthe80s.com/2016/10/book-review-choose-your-own-misery-the-holidays.html