Nov 2, 2015

Salem Halloween 2015

Halloween cannot be contained by a mere calendar! If you're still in the spirit of things, head over to Spooky Moon and check out Hallow-vember.

And don't forget to keep an eye or two on, that will be gearing up pretty soon.

Here's a few pics from Salem on Halloween night. Thanks to my Halloween photographers, my wife and mom, for these shots. As you'll see, my costume doesn't exactly allow for taking pictures. And there's also the problem of just not being able to see more than shapes after 15'.

The Salem Creep emerged once again to unleash its annual horror on the streets!
If you happened to stumble into this blog while searching for Salem Halloween photos and you have pics with me, please let me know! There are various contact links in the left sidebar.

I wish I had gotten to see this in person, it looks pretty impressive!

A different take on a big game hunter. I like it!

Serious props to this Dazzler cross-play. He was awesome!

And you can't have Halloween without Sam from Trick R Treat!

There are more pics over on Flickr, feel free to check them out. Thanks to Leap Year, we have one extra day until next Halloween. :(

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