Feb 20, 2015

Adventure Time Playing Cards

What time is it?
Time to play some cards, so c'mon grab your friends!

Adventure Time Playing Cards Box & Back

I found this deck at one of those holiday-time mall calendar/game kiosks that pop up every year. It was post holiday season so I managed to snag this for 50% off.
$3? Yes, please!

Adventure Time Playing Cards

What sets this deck apart from most others is that every single card has artwork on it, not just the face cards! I know a lot of the images are variant covers from the Adventure Time comic series. Buying a small deck of cards is a lot cheaper (and easier to store) than a stack of comics with different covers.

While looking for info online, I found out there's also a Fiona & Cake deck that I must own!

They also sell both decks as a set in a tin, which I would definitely be my preferred way to pick them up if it was an option at the time. Tins like this usually end up costing just about the same as getting each deck on its own, plus you have a nice collectible tin to hold them.

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