Jan 31, 2015

eBook of the Moment - Sine Fratres: An Officer Involved Shooting

Here's a phrase I probably wasn't expecting to say ever: "Someone I know wrote a book." He's self-publishing through Amazon and just released it a couple days ago.

I want to help him promote it, not just because I know him, but because it provides a different point of view on something that's been in the news a lot lately.

Here's a summary from the author:

In 2011, as a newly assigned investigator to the Vice/Narcotics Unit of the Aurora, Colorado Police Department, I found myself assigned to investigate the methamphetamine overdoses of some middle school children. Where it led me to was utterly beyond the realm of what I thought possible. The things I would do, learn and discover were unthinkable to me then and unforgettable now.

The officer-involved-shooting that I was involved in on February 10th, 2011 was a major life-changer for me and my family. As we all know, police use-of-force has become quite a topic these past few months nationally as well.

This book was a little over three years in the making for me.

It is my humble attempt to try and explain to others, as well as myself, the event and the aftermath. I can speak only for myself and my experience... your individual results may vary.

Even if you think you may not read it, if you're a Kindle user, I'd appreciate the download (it's free today!). Every download helps get the book a little more recognition on Amazon's listings and will hopefully draw more eyes to it.

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