Nov 17, 2014

Making Creepmas 2014

Are you missing Halloween already?
Tired of seeing Christmas decorations on the shelves in October?

Then join us for the Creepmas blog-a-thon!
It's similar to the Countdown to Halloween, but we're stealing the first 13 days of December to strike back against that jolly elf for starting to creep into October.

You can sign up and grab your official Creepmas 2014 badge at

Click the image below to get the skinny on the #MakingCreepmas image challenge. 
It's like Drawlloween and Inktober with a spooky festive twist!


  1. I really like the Making Creepmas image challenge! This is going to be the best Creepmas EVER!

  2. Wow it's all ready getting close to Creepmas time...The time sure flies.