Mar 7, 2014

Revenge of the Jedi Call Sheet

A member of a Star Wars fan Facebook group recently posted this pic of his new acquisition and I thought it was too cool not to share.

Revenge of the Jedi Call Sheet

You'll have to open a larger view to read along, but here's a few highlights...

One of the great things about this call sheet is that is says Revenge of the Jedi at the top. I'm sure most people have heard the story of how the movie changed names so I'm not going to get into that. It looks like this sheet was for January 27th, 1982.

This particular scene is in Jabba's Palace. I think it's interesting (because I haven't seen many call sheets) that it has the time the actor should be at make-up and the time they're due on set. It gives you an idea just how much work goes into some of the characters looks. I'm not sure what the D/R column means. Anyone?

You'll probably recognize a lot of the actors/characters listed. For the non-Star Wars geeks: Oola is the sexy green skinned dancer that Jabba feeds to the Rancor and you may remember "Fat Dancer" as the large woman that looks like she might have six breasts. She was later named Yarna D'al Gargan.

A little further down is the required Art Dept/Props: Han Solo on wall. Haha!

If you look just below that in the SFX (special effects) section, you'll see an odd item: Light for Light Man. Who is Light Man? Thankfully, he was cut from the final film. You can go here to read a brief interview with stuntman Peter Diamond about his recollection suiting up for it. Diamond was the stunt coordinator for the first two films and still helped out on Jedi. He also played several characters in the films.


  1. Thanks for sharing! First time I have ever heard of lightboy.

    1. He's definitely one of the lesser known cut characters. I am curious what he would have looked like if they could have CGI'd him in there.