Dec 2, 2013

Ornamental Offerings

Fellow Halloween enthusiast and crafty gal Creepy Glowbugg has put up some holiday ornaments that are sure to help get a-head with your decorating.

Here's a cute peppermint swirl skull. Or is it blood spattered?

Here's one that's a bit more winter and icy.
In addition to differently colored skull-flakes, she also has an assortment of other ornaments, magnets, and jewelry that you can use for Halloween or when you need
a little extra kooky-ookiness.

Hang him on Halloween and he can stick around til Christmas!

Hey, she said she wanted a ring for Christmas, right?

You can check out more of Glo's stuff in her Etsy shop. From now until 12/8, she is offering 20% off your entire order. To get the promo code, please visit this post on her blog.


  1. Thank you for posting on the wonderful film "Grabbers"... had Never heard of this great "Creepy Creature" Movie....

  2. That blue one is cool ! A white version might look like the Crystalline Entity :)

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out. Been so sick, but managed to finally get your package in the mail today. Should be to you by next Wednesday. Let me know if you want the tracking info. So sorry for the delay. Merry Creepmas!!

    1. Any time! Sorry to hear you weren't doing well.
      No worries about the package.

  4. The snowflakes are beautiful & funky - love them!! Hope Glowbugg is feeling better soon!