Sep 29, 2016

Funko Smuggler's Bounty - Death Star

I could have swapped this with the Monthly Movie Recap to put it closer to the end of the month but today is my birthday (yay me!). I'll be spending the day at Disney's Hollywood Studios, riding Star Tours a ton, meeting Chewie and Kylo Ren, and catching the Star Wars fireworks show. #notsohumblebrag So you can see how this is appropriate.

That's no moon, it the Funko Smuggler's Bounty Death Star box!

Well, it's got us caught in a tractor beam, we might as well see where it takes us.

Now that's quite a welcoming committee! These patches almost make me wish I had a denim vest so I could put them all over it. Of course the front would be covered in the pins.

I really like that they started including these cards in the boxes. They cram a lot of info on them about the contents. Like the fact that this is the first ever Funko luggage tag. It's just in time for my Disney trip and I've got the perfect Stormtrooper carry bag to attach it to!

I would have been packing this shirt for the trip but as with most sub box shirts, it doesn't really fit. Remember back when you got a t-shirt and the size was the size when there were no "fits"? Yeah, I miss those days.

If you were checking out that info card above, you noticed this is the first of two exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl figures in this box. If you're doing Death Star as a theme, I think Vader is a no brainer but this is clearly a Bespin "Join me" Vader. It may not fit thematically, but it's a great Pop! Now if I only had the con exclusive Luke with missing hand.

If you thought you detected a foul stench at the top of this post, you weren't wrong! Here's the real star of the box: Grand Moff Tarkin. The info card mentions how this is the first time Funko has deviated from the standard round human head shape to recreate Cushing's cheekbones. Charming to the last.

Not only did they replicate the "throat lozenge" badge but they also go the little silver data sticks in his pockets (the things that look like pens). They're hard to see on the Pop, but I can assure you, they are there!

That about wraps it up for this Smuggler's Bounty box. There's still time to get your order in for November's box which is Rogue One themed. They're already showing off the two exclusive Pops that will come in that one. You can check them out and subscribe at the Smuggler's Bounty site.

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